The Lightest, Heaviest, Fastest, Slowest, Hottest, Coldest, Largest, Smallest...

Understanding scale, or magnitude, is essential for making informed decisions in modern society today. Is that figure just quoted by a politician a lot or a little? Did the news just report something incredibly important or within the range of normal?

We wrote “Magnitude: The Scale of the Universe” (newly released this month!) to help all of us better navigate our complex world. Below we excerpt a few fun facts and illustrations from just some of the topics covered in our latest book. Whether it's the lightest or heaviest, fastest or slowest, hottest or coldest, largest or smallest, we've got you covered.

DISTANCE: The longest bridge in the world is 400 times longer than the inside lane of a standard running track.


AREA: The area of a tennis ball is 100,000,000 times that of a human red blood cell.


VOLUME: Soccer balls are about 4 times the volume of the adult human brain.


MASS: A molecule of DNA has approximately 7 million billion times the mass of an electron


TEMPERATURE: Melting gold is 4 times hotter than the average human body.


SPEED: Don’t let grass grow under your feet: you can walk about 70 million times faster than grass can grow.


DENSITY: The heaviest elements on the periodic table are about 3 times denser than gold.


ROTATION: Most ceiling fans rotate 40,000 times faster than the Earth rotates.


TIME: Nothing lasts forever. One U.S. presidential term lasts 126 million seconds. How do humans relate to time? This illustration shows the difference between a million, billion and trillion seconds.




Illustrations by Katie Peek. "Magnitude: The Scale of the Universe" is now out, and listed as a #1 New Release on Amazon. Visit Barnes & Noble, Amazon or the Indie bookseller of your choice to purchase.

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