Special "Magnitude" Offer!


Our new book, “Magnitude: The Scale of the Universe,” goes on sale on November 7th. We are so excited for the book to make its way out into the expansive world that we’d like to extend a special offer. If you order a copy of the book by November 14, 2017 and send us proof of purchase electronically (photo of receipt, order number, etc.), we’ll send you a signed bookplate and an extra gift.

A bookplate is a small insert you can place in the front of a book so that you have a signed copy. Since Kim and I live on opposite ends of the country (Rhode Island and Washington state, respectively), we figured this would cut out a lot of traveling for those of you who would like both of our signatures!

This is a small way for us to say thank you to our readers. We hope you enjoy reading this book as much as we’ve enjoyed writing it.


Megan and Kim


Please send a digital copy showing your proof of purchase by November 14, 2017 to either (or both) of us at one of the addresses below to receive this special offer. Include a postal address for us to ship the bookplate and gift to:

Email: megan1104@gmail.com; kimberlykowal@me.com

Twitter: @megwatzke; @kimberlykowal

Instagram: meganwatzke; kimberlykowal

#bookplate #magnitude #giveaway

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