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The total solar eclipse that will take place over North America in a couple of weeks is a chance for millions of people to experience an exciting event (with proper viewing glasses to protect our sensitive eyes, of course!). Given the population’s demographics, it stands to reason that about half of those who will be under the spectacle of totality will be women.

This is rather appropriate to reflect on. To quote the title of the best seller by Nicolas Kristof and Sheryl Dunn (by way of Mao Zedong), “women hold up half the sky.” But women have been doing far more than just shouldering the weight of the heavens over the years. We have been actively studying the Sun, Moon, stars and beyond for millennia. Women have played a key role in observing solar eclipses and expanding our understanding of how the Sun, our nearest star, works.

In our latest piece on the Huffington Post, we provide a brief introduction to just a few of the many women who have chased the Sun for the benefit of all, from antiquity through present day. We encourage readers to leave comments on our article with other women they know that chase the Sun. We've already had a few great suggestions!


Additionally, if you find yourself on Instagram these days, stop over to our accounts, @kimberlykowal and @meganwatzke to say hi! We've been experimenting more on this really fun platform lately. Megan recently started her account, and is now in full swing as a 'grammer. And Kim has been showcasing the type of things she gets to do each day in her InstaStories section, from talks and events to writing and creating. You can also catch up with her posts on this web site at http://arcandwatzke.com/instagram

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