Latest news: Some odds & ends

We've had some fun bits of news recently that we wanted to share with everyone. In no particular order:

1) The publication date of our new book "Light: The Visible Spectrum and Beyond" has been pushed up two weeks from Nov 10 to Oct 27, 2015. So it is truly "coming soon". More at

2) We received our first advanced copies of the "Light: The Visible Spectrum and Beyond" book. It looks absolutely beautiful in person (shown below)!


3) Our first book, "Your Ticket to the Universe," was featured in a scene filmed at the Providence Athenaeum library with Emma Stone in Woody Allen's movie "Irrational Man." That's about as close as we'll ever get to a movie star (see below)!

(Photo cred: Entertainment One)

4) Kim is thrilled and honored to be introducing astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, host of the popular TV show "Cosmos" on Fox, when he stops for his speaking tour in Providence, RI on September 24, 2015. Dr. Tyson will be speaking about black holes, worm holes, dark energy and other bizarre astronomical topics. There are also tickets available for a special meet and great with Dr. Tyson, for after the show. More information on this event here.

5) Our latest blog post for our upcoming book "Coloring the Universe" is up here: How do you visualize a gigantic cosmic collision?

If you would like to keep up with our odds and ends, please visit our Facebook page and "Like" us.

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