Events & Notices -  Join Kim & Megan at book signings, talks, radio/TV shows, & more events. 


Recent/Past events 


Jan 10, 2018: DC. Kim presented at the NASA Hyperwall on 2D/3D at the American Astronomical Society (photo).

Jan 11, 2018: DC. Kim spoke on data visualization at the American Astronomical Society (photo).

Feb 15, 2018: PVD. Kim presented at the Nowell Leadership Academy. (photo)

Mar 1, 2018: Kim was a guest on the Rhode Show

Mar 5, 2018: Seattle WA. Megan spoke at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park

Mar 6, 2018: PVD. Kim spoke on GoLocalProv live, at 3pm (photo).

Mar 7, 2018: PVD. Kim spoke/did a book signing at Brown University, 5-7pm (photo). 

Mar 15, 2018: DC. Kim presented at the Library of Congress (photo)

Mar 30, 2018: MA. Kim spoke at Harvard's ArtTechPsyche IV (photo). 

Apr 7, 2018: DC. Kim delivered the plenary for the DC Science Writers Association (photo). 

Apr 7, 2018: DC. Kim presented at the NASA Hyperwall at the USA Science Engineering Fest

Apr 14, 2018: NY. Kim led a workshop for Black Girls Code (photo). 

Apr 17, 2018: NY. Kim gave a seminar at the American Museum of Natural History (photo).

Apr 19, 2018: Kim, Megan & Travis did a reddit/AMA "Ask Me Anything"  

Apr 28, 2018: Cambridge, MA. Kim presented at "The Women Who Mapped the Stars"

May 9, 2018: Miami, FL. Kim gave a talk & book signing at, Frost Science Center.

May 18, 2018: Framingham, MA. Kim presented at the FSU planetarium.

May 30, 2018: Boston, MA. Kim gave a talk & invited presentation at Red Sox STEM day (Jumbotron).

Jun 1, 2018: Mystic, CT. Kim was a keynote speaker for the MAPS conference.

June 13, 2018: Pasadena CA. Kim spoke at NASA Universe of Learning viz conference.

June 14, 2018: Pasadena CA. Kim was an invited speaker for the JPL Advisory Council for Women.

July 31, 2018: Boston, MA. Kim spoke to Girls Who Code Boston

Aug 18, 2018: Seattle WA. Kim presented at Blue Origin's Space Forum.

Sept 22, 2018: NYC. Kim  presented at the Intrepid Museum.

Sept 28, 2018: CT. Kim spoke at Federally Employed Women RTP.

Oct 20, 2018: NYC. Kim was an invited speaker at the Explorer's Club.

Nov 13, 2018: Philly, PA. Kim had a talk/book signing at the Franklin Institute

Dec 1, 2018: RI. Kim was a featured speaker at the ARIA Expo


Oct 8: Portland, OR. Megan was at the PBNA Nightcapper Wine & Dessert Reception.

Oct 8-9: Boston, MA. Kim spoke about the Universe at the Renaissance weekend symposium.

Oct 5-6: NYC, NY. Kim presented at the United Nations UNOOSA event.

Sep 30: Providence RI. Kim MC'ed for TEDx Providence, Veterans Auditorium (photo)

Sept 7: Nashville, TN. Kim talked science and art, Columbia State Art Gallery (photo).

Aug 21: Charleston, SC. Kim spoke about light and the total solar eclipse (photo).

Oct 28, 2017: Providence RI. Kim presented at an International Observe the Moon event.

Nov 7, 2017: Providence, RI. Kim signed books at a launch event at Easy Entertaining (photos).

Nov 16, 2017: Cambridge MA. Kim did a book signing & spoke about 3D stars at CfA Public Obs. Night

Dec 6, 2017: Megan & Kim talked on the This Week in Science show

Dec 7, 2017: Megan & Kim spoke on the Read Science show.

Dec 13, 2017: Kim presented at the CS for RI event at URI. 


July 27: TripAdvisor Boston. Kim spoke with Girls Who Code on coding, astronomy and #scitech careers.

July 25: Akamai Boston. Kim spoke with Girls Who Code on coding, astronomy and #scitech careers.

July 13: National Air & Space Museum, DC. Kim spoke about astronomy and exhibits to a leadership group.

June: Smart Grrls, Lynn MA. Kim spoke on coding, astronomy and #scitech careers.

May 27:  Gallagher Middle School. Kim spoke #scitech careers to the 8th grade.

May 19: TimesSquared charter school. Kim presented coding/coloring the Universe to grade 7.
May 12: N.Providence elementary.  Kim talked about astronomy to grades 3-5.

May 5: AAAS Science Diplomacy. Kim presented on public science.
Apr 29:  Gallagher Middle School. Kim spoke about #scitech careers to the 6 & 7th grades.
Apr 18: Cambridge Science Festival Kim spoke on the Aesthetics of Astronomy at Harvard Art Museums

Apr 9: TEDxProvidence. Kim delivered the talk:"How to hold a dead star in your hand."

Apr 5:  The Rhode Show. Kim talked about her upcoming TEDx talk.

Mar 24: GRRL Tech. Kim gave the keynote speech & 2 workshops.

Mar 12: Lady Project Summit. Kim spoke on a panel about science writing & publishing.

Feb 23: Wheeler School. Kim spoke about astronomy & computer science.

Jan 22: Woonsocket High School space & sci/tech careers discussion with Kim.

Jan 21: Harvard Art Museum's Lightbox Gallery with Kim.

Jan 10: Kim took over the Real Scientists Twitter feed for the week.

Jan 12: RIEEA annual meeting. Kim presented light & the Universe. 

Jan 9: YWCA's She Shines Radio, local WOON1240am with Kim


Dec 1: KERA Think!. Listen to Kim's discussion on NPR Texas/KERA Think! at 1pm eastern.

Dec 3: Microsoft. Megan presented color and light at Microsoft Research, Seattle.

Dec 5:  RI Author Expo. Kim had a book signing at the Lincoln Mall, Lincoln, RI from 11-5pm

Dec 8: Town Hall Seattle. Megan spoke at Seattle's community cultural center, 7:30pm pacific

Dec 1: Brown University Bookstore. Light was featured in the holiday gift guide.

Nov 30: WPRI-tv's Rhode Show. Light was featured in the holiday gift guide.

Nov 30: Slate's Bad Astronomy. Light was featured in the CyberMonday gift guide.

Nov 20: WADK Newport Radio with Kim.

Nov 18: Learning Space Google Hangout with Travis Rector, Kim Arcand & Megan Watzke.

Nov 10: Book launch party with Kim.

Nov 7:  Talk/book signing at Barnes & Noble's Mini Maker Faire in Smithfiel RI with Kim.

Nov 6: Brian Lehrer Show with Megan & Kim on NYC NPR.

Sep 24: Providence Performing Arts Center. Kim introduced Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson.