July 31, 2015

Back in the Stone Age (otherwise known as the 1990s) when I was in a science journalism graduate program, there was a lot lamenting of the fall of science magazines and science sections of newspapers. And for good reason – many outlets for longer pieces of writing on s...

Remember when you had to rely on seeing just a part of yourself in the reflection of a dark lake or in a small expensive piece of polished copper or silver-mercury? Probably not. I know that I, for one, take the highly reflective and often inexpensive modern mirrors fo...

You might have heard about this little thing that’s been tearing up the Internet recently: Pluto. Yes, that cold, distant world that was a planet, then wasn’t, and now is something that just about anyone with a toe in science wants to talk about.


And for good reason! I...

Continued from Part 1


Beyond Earth

The first prediction of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity that was put to the test was the apparent bending of light as it passes near a massive body.  This effect was conclusively observed during the solar eclipse of 1919, when...

In a perfectly simple world -- that is, a vacuum -- light travels in a straight line.  (A vacuum here refers to space that has no material or pressure.)  Light, however, zooms around in our complicated, imperfect Universe and that’s when things tend to get interesting....

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